Liz Chapman M.A. Cert. Ed.

After studying at Reigate School of Art and Design, I worked in architectural design and draughtsmanship, before moving on to book illustration. Since 1992 I have worked part time as an Art Teacher and part time as an Artist. I taught initially at West Kent College then Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells Adult education Centre and now Sevenoaks. I achieved a Master’s Degree in Fine Art at Brighton University in 2004. I lived in Oban, Scotland between 2012 and 2016 to pursue artistic endeavours, and now I am back in the south painting and teaching at Sevenoaks.

Anonymous City
These cities are places I have visited. I like to get a feel of how the varied old and new architecture resonates with each other and the light that is unique to each part of the world.
‘The fragmentation is evocative of pixelated anonymity, but also breaks down the gloomy colouring of the concrete, bricks and mortar; instead it portrays the buildings as rich and colourful with abstract qualities. I enjoy the challenge of mixing subtle colours and tones and I have often felt that the artist’s palette, while the work is in process, is a wasted artwork. The subtle tones and hues once blended together are never seen by the audience, but now seen in this collection of paintings.’

Nudes and Portraits
I believe life drawing and painting are essential components, and are the fundamental basis of, all genres of painting and drawing. I think of life drawing as a ‘work out’, preparing myself for a final artwork. I draw as often as I am able.
So many areas of perception and methods of interpretation are improved by this practice: seeing the ‘all’, detail, structure, negative spaces, proportion, mark making, just to name a few.
Portraiture to me is integral to life drawing and painting. In the same way I look for the gesture of the pose in a nude, I look for the gesture of the sitter, the expression on the face and eyes.
Having spent 4 years in Oban, it is not surprising that most of my landscapes are of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and inevitable that I would be compelled to capture their natural beauty with paint on canvas. The stunning views and breath taking shore line with the ephemeral nature of the weather is a sight to be seen. I have enjoyed the process of painting in this loose manner, using a palette knife then glazes of weak colour endeavouring to replicate their image and imbue a sense of the space and mystic that surrounds them.  
Cut n’ tied
I developed this method of working during my Masters Degree. It started out of shear frustration with my own painting. I had decided to physically dissect a painting, cutting out the most interesting pieces for deeper isolated analysis. The outcome was that the remaining canvas still on the stretch became the focus of my attention.
This work progressed. I have cut, tied and painted the front and rear side of the canvas which was then developed further into free standing sculptures. I manipulated the materials to realise a statement I needed to make when paint failed me. The result was that some of these artworks have sexual undertones tied up in them, some have humour, and others are random inspirations.
Seen here are just of few of the abstracts which were produced during the five years prior to commencing my Masters Degree in Fine Art 1999-2004. They evolved from a number of realistic land and seascapes I had been working on previously. Some paintings are clearly evocative of this while others were developed further, having been imbued with concept and expression. I still very much enjoy working in this way, but now using a palette knife and oil paint instead of acrylic glazes, when the mood takes me.

Liz Chapman M.A. Cert. Ed. 
Joint Exhibitions and hangings
2015               The Gallery, High St. Reigate, Surrey.
2014               Argyll Open Studios (Artmap), Ford Hotel, Ford, Argyll
2014               Rottingdean Windmill, Rottingdean, Brighton
2013               Argyll Open Studios (Artmap), Bothy Gallery, Easdale Island, Argyll.  
2013               Webbs Fine Art Gallery, 1 Burland Road, Battersea, LondonSW11
2013               Chi Noodle Bar, Bride Parade, Newbridge Street, London EC4
2012               Edinburgh Affordable Art Fair, Edinburgh.
2011-12           Art at Five, 5 Bartholemews, Brighton, BN1.
2010               Rottingdean Windmill, Rottingdean, Brighton
2010-2012     The Redleaf Gallery, Castle Road, Tunbridge Wells,
2010-2012     Battersea Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London.
2008             The Mall Gallery, Pall Mall, London (Hesketh Hubbard Art Society)
2007             The Showcase Gallery, 30 Cresent Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
2004             The Truman Gallery, Brick Lane, London
2004             The North Gallery, Brighton University of Arts and Communication
2003-04        Grand Parade, Brighton University of Arts and Communication
2001-04         Gourmet Pizza, Swallow Street, Piccadilly, London
2001-03         Bentley’s Wine Bar, Swallow Street, Piccadilly, London
2002              Salamander Galleries, Westerham, Kent
2001               The Mall Gallery, Pall Mall, London (the Laing annual painting   competition)
2001               The Gallery, The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
1995-2002     Annual exhibition of The Speldhurst Group of Artists (and Committee Member)

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